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Compare2Save, Always in action

Compare2Save is a yearly service contract which covers the repair and replacement of important household appliances and home system components that inevitably break down over time. What do home warranties cover? HOME WARRANTY PLANS allow you to safeguard your budget from expensive home repairs. Some common household systems and appliances that are covered by a home warranty: Refrigerator Washer/Dryer Dishwasher And more! AC and Heating Systems Plumbing Systems Garage Door Systems And more!

Domestic Electricity & Gas Providers

Deals in brokering domestic electricity connections. We try to get the best possible tariff available in the area and Most suppliers provide gas connections along with electricity. We will help you to find a supplier with better rates and best customer service.

Protect your home from inevitable breakdowns with a home warranty.

Safeguard your budget from expensive home repairs Get coverage against everyday wear and tear Tailor your coverage to suit your home No age restrictions or inspections required